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Fig Fruit Flower

In my conservatory I have a fig tree and an olive tree. I’ve had the fig for about five or six years, almost killed it through neglect but pruned it quite hard and watered and fed it back to life. Now it’s thriving – last summer I harvested a pound of figs and made fig and ginger jam. This year it started leafing up quite early and there are already four figs. Figs are quite interesting because they are not technically fruits but inside-out flowers! There is even a specialised species of wasp which crawls inside the fig and pollinates it.


My olive tree is flowering though I don’t expect to get any fruit from it. It got a bit worse-for-wear last year with a scale insect infestation. For a long time I didn’t realise what the funny lumps were and so didn’t do anything about it until it was quite bad. I think they came with the plant but it was just a cheap one from B&Q. It’s under control now but not completely gone. I’ve been occasionally applying a systemic insecticide and also manually picking them off.