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Slugs be gone

For some reason I’ve always had a massive slug epidemic in my garden. On a summer’s evening we can easily collect bucketfuls and then do the same again the following night! I usually apply slug killing nematodes (Nemaslug) once or twice a year. Today’s a good day to do it – damp, cloudy, and the soil is warming up. The neighbours must think I’m crazy though, watering the garden when it just rained!


I’ve tried barrier methods – coffee grains, copper tape – with varying success. This year I’m trying wool pellets. They’re very expensive so I’ve just bought a small bag to try out – if they work it might be worth buying more. They do have a very sheepy smell! You sprinkle them on and then water so they form a felty mat. I have put some around my new little Iris reticulata ‘Harmony’ whose flowers keep getting devoured, and my nerines which also seem to be a favourite with the molluscs.