Big Pots


This week my attentions have turned to the back garden. My bleeding heart (Dicentra spectabilis) that I bought last year has started flowering, I really love this plant. I have also just noticed today that the pittosporum has flower buds for the first time. This shrub was here before us but I have never seen it flower before! I will be interested to see how it looks when the buds open up.


My main mission so far this week has been to repot my paulownia into very large pots. I ordered the largest pots I could find, then regretted the decision as I started to worry that they would look ridiculous. They don’t look as bad as I feared after putting some other pots in front of them to blend them in a bit. The paulownia look like weird sticks at the moment but there are lots of promising buds which are growing each day.



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